Monday, May 5, 2008

Tommy Luckadoo lies on robo-call

Looks like McHenry can't help himself- I got a robo-call from Tommy Luckadoo claiming that Sigmon has no right to be using the audio clip that Ballenger made for him. His credentials? Being Ballenger's District Director.... 4 years ago. Luckadoo insinuated that Ballenger was senile or something like that, and apparently he's trying to become Ballenger's vessel.

Luckadoo, there are men much older than Ballenger who are NOT senile, and I personally find it offensive that you would attempt to discredit Cass Ballenger just to help that dick Patrick McHenry hold his ill-gotten seat. With you doing dirty things like stomping on signs in Hickory intersections and otherwise acting like a complete jackass, I don't even know why anyone talks to you.

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