Thursday, May 1, 2008

"Pro-Family, Anti-Gay" McHenry parties with Lesbians

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Patrick McHenry, our "traditional values conservative" congressman, has some explaining to do after the following photos have surfaced:

Patrick McHenry, Jackie Sullens & Jackie's Lesbian Partner

Patrick McHenry & Jackie Sullens

Why does Patrick have some explaining to do? The photos show McHenry partying with Jackie Sullens and her lesbian partner. According to the Gaston County Republican Women’s website, Sullens is the organization’s newsletter editor.

McHenry has been a starch and avid opponent of LGBT rights. Many rumors continue around the 10th District about McHenry being involved in gay groups and about him being gay himself - rumors that he refuses to respond to.

McHenry has been featured in our local media speaking out against my work to secure equal recognition for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. (Recall: A few years ago when I lead an effort to force a change of policy at the Catawba County Department of Social Services after a lesbian couple had been denied participation in the therapeutic foster care training program) McHenry spoke about the incident on the floor of the US House referring to "organized efforts" on the part of "homosexual activists."

More details are forthcoming surrounding these photos and other involvement McHenry has had with the LGBT community. Stay tuned to and the network sites listed below for details.

To Pat McHenry:
There is no need from running from who you are. Feel free to contact me today and I’ll be happy to connect you with other LGBT leaders who can help you. Otherwise, you’re soon to make someone a very rich - after the truth comes out. You have a $1,000,000 check hanging over your head!

UPDATES START HERE: (updates are listed newest to oldest - scroll down to see older updates)

05/01/08 at 22:00 -
My colleague Mike Roger’s has posted better quality photos than the ones featured above. The photos above were edited prior to arriving to us at Below is the photos featured on Mike’s website, courtesy of

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

05/01/08 at 21:50 -
It has come to our attention that because of the media attention from this article, the Gaston County Republican Women’s website is experiencing loading issues. We have this PDF copy of the page linked in the article above. [See PDF here]

You can read more about this story on the following websites: (this list will be updated as we learn of other sources)

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