Monday, May 5, 2008

Ballenger supports Sigmon: The Full Press Release

From Sigmon for Congress:

On Saturday May 3rd, former Congressman Cass Ballenger endorsed, in writing, my candidacy for North Carolina's 10th Congressional District. Shortly after notifying the media of that endorsement, Rep. Patrick McHenry sent out an e-mail stating in part:

"The Sigmon campaign has stooped to a new low, peddling the story of a purported endorsement by Congressman Cass Ballenger," and questioning the "legitimacy of the letter."

On Sunday afternoon, I personally spoke to Congressman Ballenger about his written endorsement in an effort to rectify this unjustified attack upon both his integrity and mine. Congressman Ballenger is a highly respected former congressman, veteran, and successful businessman. He reiterated his support of my candidacy, and in order to clear up any doubt, he recorded the following message to the voters of the 10th District (click here).

Congressman Ballenger also told me directly that he had already cast his vote for Mr. McHenry, but he made it clear to me that if he had been aware of the "disturbing information" about McHenry at the time he cast his vote, he would have voted differently.

Despite the fact that Ballenger recorded his message in person, the McHenry campaign continues to refuse to acknowledge that they have lost Ballenger's support.

To insult a former congressman, one of our District's elder statesmen, for political gain is absolutely reprehensible. Claiming that I falsified the endorsement is disgraceful and libelous. I see this attack as the desperate act of a desperate man. This is yet another example of McHenry's lack of maturity and judgment, and again shows why he should not be re-elected.

Transcript of the Recording

This is Congressman Cass Ballenger. I am calling to ask you for your support in electing Lance Sigmon.
Recently, I was made aware of some disturbing information concerning our current Congressman, who I previously supported. In this new light, I would ask you, the voters of the 10th District, to now join me in my support of Lance Sigmon, to be our Republican nominee for Congress.

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