Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cass Ballenger endorses Lance Sigmon after seeing McHenry Photos

Looks like Patrick McHenry's losing some big name friends because of recent pictures posted online revealing him partying with known lesbian activists. Yesterday, former Congressman Cass Ballenger (the guy who served in the 10th BEFORE McHenry) came forward and provided an endorsement for Lance Sigmon after seeing photographs of McHenry, afraid that Democrats might gain the seat considering the plethora of weaknesses McHenry has at this point.

Of course, McHenry has already blasted out e-mails on his list calling Lance a liar, saying Ballenger voted for him- that's correct, but apparently after seeing these photos and getting all of the information about McHenry in the last month (The "two bit" scandal, endangering the troops in Iraq, the money from the PAC going to paying off voter fraud charges, and now these homosexual photos), he's angry he voted for him in the first place.

The hilarious part? Ballenger supported McHenry in 04. Guess he made the wrong decision.

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