Saturday, April 26, 2008

Patrick McHenry taints debate, Sigmon still victorious

It appears that Patrick McHenry is willing to do anything and everything to keep his position, even when it requires he blatantly cheat. In a recent 10th District Debate, Patrick McHenry held no tricks back as he attempted to cheat his opponent out of a real debate- from specifically having a a supporter of his campaign time the debate to ensuring that his supporters openly ridiculed Sigmon's supporters, one even giving the middle finger to a member of Sigmon's team. The Sigmon for Congress team nor the McHenry for Congress team were available for comments.

In an attempt to "stack" the room and otherwise control the debate, Patrick McHenry of the 10th District of North Carolina today attempted to fill the entire 10th District (NC) debate with his supporters, ordering them to specifically violate parliamentary rules and to jeer at his opponent in what could only be called a childish attempt to gain political points. Supporters screamed, jeered, yelled at McHenry's opponent during his speech, and did virtually everything in their power to support incumbent McHenry- even after being openly warned by the debate moderator. Part of this team included Brett Keeter, who was arrested for a DWI and still paid during his probation by the McHenry team, and Laurie Moody, who has been known to work for the Congressman's campaign, illegal according to FEC laws.

In the debate between Sigmon and McHenry, Lance Sigmon stood firm and explained his points well, points very similar between the two candidates. However, the real "meat" of the discussion came in the format of McHenry's attempt to turn the tables on his recent issues with his own Iraq tapes, blaming Sigmon and "the Democrats" including Nancy Pelosi for persecuting him. While not providing any evidence to this effect, McHenry, nearly red-faced, used direct lines from Sigmon's campaign as he attempted to blame his opponent for his recent troubles on Capitol Hill. These troubles, including being openly ridiculed nationwide by many news and television organizations, has stemmed as the result of many recent McHenry statements.

These attempts were eventually calmed as the staffers of the debate threatened to throw out McHenry's supporters, who reportedly would not become silent as they screamed at McHenry's opponent when McHenry was unable to answer Sigmon's questions. The Sigmon for Congress supporters, in comparison, were not threatened and were relatively calm and silent during the debate, despite the unfair situations surrounding the debate itself.

Patrick McHenry has been known to employ unethical tactics. His Campaign Manager, Dee Stewart, is currently under FBI investigation for voter fraud (including in one of McHenry's previous elections), and continues to work for the McHenry campaign to this day. The McHenry for Congress team has repeatedly been caught in the past stealing opponent signs, lying to voters, calling voters and threatening them, and a variety of other methods to ensure their victory. Naturally, when asked about these discrepancies and issues, Patrick McHenry refuses to respond, often blaming his own issues on Nancy Pelosi and "the democrats".

It is clear that Congressman Patrick McHenry will do anything- from paying off timers to violating parliamentary rules- to avoid answering questions and apologizing to voters for endangering human lives and calling a security guard a "two bit" approximately three weeks ago. What won't McHenry do?

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