Wednesday, April 16, 2008

McHenry's Voting Record, or why Mark Foley was a "good Conservative" too

It seems that Patrick McHenry, the man who has now been publicly shamed for his actions regarding the troops in Iraq (Belittling a Security Guard by calling him a "Two Bit" as well as potentially being responsible for the deaths of two soldiers thanks to a horrible PR stunt by McHenry himself) wants us to believe that he's a "Good Conservative". Using his Astroturfing (pretending you're "grassroots" or otherwise pretending to be a "concerned citizen") blogs, Patrick McHenry has been attempting to rouse the little support he has by convincing him that he's a "Good Conservative", even going so far as to say that it speaks for his Integrity.

With that definition, Mark Foley, known pedophile and liar, was a "Good Conservative" too.

Let's look at McHenry's track record. Patrick McHenry has long since been the poster boy for following what he's been told, adhering to the latest GOP talking points like a dog follows a treat, obediently barking out the Republican standpoint of the week. Patrick McHenry has been known as the "Republican Mikey"- that is, much like Mikey from the old Life Cereal commercial, he'll "eat" anything and spit it out for the Republican party.

But let's not get confused- Patrick McHenry is a horrible Congressman. Voting record aside, Patrick McHenry has done many things that have embarassed the 10th District to the point of making it the laughing stock of the entire United States. With his flamboyant disregard for the law (and refusal to respond to allegations he violated it with the Iraq video), his disregard for his district except for the month before voting starts, and his employment of criminals, Patrick McHenry defines a corrupt Congressman.

The facts are clear. Patrick McHenry, in what could only be described as a freudian slip, called a Security Guard in Iraq a "two bit" for preventing him to enter a Gym, and later ignored the press and halfheartedly apologized (and got angry that he was recorded saying it). Later, in what could be called one of the dumbest PR stunts in history, Patrick McHenry placed a video on the web that provided the enemy targeting information, which, two days later, contributed to the deaths of two soldiers in Iraq, one of which a full Colonel who planned to soon retire to be with his Grandchildren. Thanks to Congressman McHenry, that Colonel will never see his Grandchildren again.

I encourage you to look beyond Patrick McHenry's voting record- that is his shield to hide his other flaws. Anyone in the House can vote straight Republican- the test of true character from a Congressman is his ability to behave both on camera and off camera, and Patrick McHenry has demonstrated he cannot do that.

Mark Foley was a "Good Republican" too. He voted staunchly Conservative, and was a fighter for Republican values. However, Mark Foley was also a pedophile, a man who sent sexual messages to teenage pages, and who appropriately stepped down from his position, admitting his error.

Patrick McHenry refuses to do this. Patrick McHenry is hiding in Washington, refusing to answer questions about his misdeeds, and he,much like Mark Foley (whom he openly supported (and blamed the Democrats on, without proof or reason)). He wants to keep his position, and he doesn't care how much he embarrasses the 10th District.

Patrick McHenry is being challenged by both a Republican, Lance Sigmon, and Democrats Steve Ivester and Daniel Johnson- so no matter your party, you have another choice. Choose anything but Patrick McHenry.

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