Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lance Sigmon: There when you need him

I think it's time we all asked an important question: when the proverbial crap hits the fan, can you contact your Congressman?

No, I mean really. Your Congressman has his position to serve you- he legislates (theoretically) for your benefit, provides you services, and is supposed to act as something of a liaison between you and your government. Patrick McHenry, in a way, is supposed to be your connection to the Feds.

So, let me ask you this: Have you ever been able to call Patrick McHenry? And I mean the man, not his staffers. Has Patrick McHenry ever done something for you that didn't become heavily publicized or show-offy? Did he ever do something that didn't bolster his political career?

Lance Sigmon, candidate for US Congress against McHenry, is beginning to show an accessibility that's frankly amazing. When I call the Sigmon for Congress headquarters with a question, I don't talk to some sort of mouthpiece or crony- if Lance Sigmon is in the office, I get to talk to Lance Sigmon. I get to pick his brain. If I want to challenge one of his beliefs, I get to do so- and he always has a reason behind his beliefs. He wants to discuss the issues, and he has plenty of reasons why he does what he does.

Just as an example, if I ask Lance Sigmon what he thinks about the war, he not only shows experience from his military service, but he's willing to level with me. I know when a politician just chants Republican Position Papers at me- Lance Sigmon isn't like that. He explains what he's seen, what he knows, what he likes and doesn't like. He tells me what he plans to do, and he guarantees me he'll fight for my interests in the process. I can openly ask him any question I like and he'll answer with just as much fervor- and he'll answer honestly.

Can Patrick McHenry do that? No, of course not. Patrick McHenry is virtually inaccessible. I can't ask McHenry a question- it's always filtered through his staffers or otherwise monitored by other people. Sometimes, my e-mails get "lost". Sometimes, calls get hung up. Sometimes, Patrick McHenry avoids staying at a party convention so no-one has the opportunity to ask him any questions after he speaks.

Has anyone ever seen Patrick McHenry outside of a podium? Of course not. He's secretive and he hides from his people. Patrick McHenry hides away in an undisclosed location where he stays "in the district", only attending random political functions. Patrick McHenry doesn't buy his own groceries, he doesn't shop at the mall like everyone else, he doesn't even go and relax at normal county functions like many of us do- that is, unless he's speaking.

Lance Sigmon is there. Lance is a normal citizen, one that doesn't act like he's too good to go shopping at a grocery store. While Patrick McHenry hides away in his "undisclosed location", Lance Sigmon goes to the small little barber shops, the cafes, the many places that Patrick McHenry would never dare tread. Lance Sigmon travels to every district personally- instead of sending cronies with signs and pamphlets.

So let me ask you this: Which is more available- the sitting Congressman with his cronies and insane amounts of office budget money, or the man who currently is looking for your vote in Congress? The answer? Lance Sigmon. Try it for yourself- e-mail him, give him a call, visit his website. I promise you that you'll get more answers in a minute than you would in a year with Patrick McHenry.


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